Leverage the world's expertise to empower your entrepreneurs

Supercharge a mentor network from 100 people to their entire rolodex of 50,000 contacts or more


Why Two Cents?

We are driven to help entrepreneurs. It began with building the startup resource map for our hometown of College Station, TX. It then grew into tech events, followed by a lean startup course at Texas A&M, a regional hackathon, and mentoring 200+ entrepreneurs via accelerators, SBDC, and NSF.

But we wanted to do more...a lot more. So we built Two Cents to help many more people get the most out of mentor networks at accelerators and incubators.


How Does It Work?

You can onboard all the members in your organization in just 30 seconds. We automatically build out your full mentor network of not only the members, but also all the relevant people they know. For example, a network of 100 mentors has a rolodex of 50,000 people or more. We put that at your fingertips.

The best part is that we can do all this and save you time to boot.

Cut down the # of intro emails you write from dozens per week to ZERO

Multiply your network's reach by 500x

Reduce group management time from 20 hours per week to 1

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What Is Two Cents?

Two Cents is a web and mobile application focused on helping entrepreneurial ecosystems leverage the full potential of their mentor networks. Your mentor network is more powerful than you think. Let us help you unleash it.

Meet Our Team


Adam Steele



Austin Rolling



Sarvesh Kaslay